Our popular Touring Caravan Insurance Policy is designed to

cover Touring Caravans, Trailer Tents and Folding Campers for use both in the UK and overseas.


Our generous policies give some of the widest range of cover available in the market.  We have been insuring touring caravans for over 40 years and in this time we have used our knowledge as caravanners and niche insurance specialists to develop a policy we think is unbeatable Discounts of up to 50% are available, including discounts for wheel-clamps, hitch-locks, alarm systems, tracker devices and numerous storage features. We'll also reward you for your no claims history.  Touring Caravan Sign

Our flexible Touring Caravan/Trailer Tent policy is designed to ensure your pride and joy is fully protected at all times, whether you are towing it on the road, siting it on an open pitch or touring Europe.

We are also able to offer an excellent Legal Protection insurance package administered by Lawshield UK for a small additional premium.    

 Please note that, with effect from 28th September 2022, there will be a change of Insurer for this Policy and as such, some of the information below may be subject to change.  Please contact us if you are unclear on any aspects of your cover. 

Key Facts

  • New for Old cover available for the first five years
  • If you have owned your caravan from new.
  • Accidental Damage covered as standard
  • In addition to the usual Fire, Flood, Theft, and Storm Damage cover and a whole range of other perils.
  • Generous continental cover
  • Including repatriation costs, just let us know when you are going and how long for.
  • Loss of Use Included
  • So you will be able to continue with your holiday the best you can whilst your van is uninhabitable.
  • Loaning to Family and Friends
  • Again, just let us know who is using the van and when.
  • Multiple discounts available for the use of various security devices
  • Including wheelclamps, hitchlocks, alarms and more.
  • Discounts given for home security
  • We'll reward you for using security posts and other home security.
  • Publlic Liability cover up to £5million available
  • Just let us know what amount you need when you call.
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Based on a Insurance Feature published by industry leading Practical Caravan magazine, we offer one of the cheapest premiums on the market and ours is amongst the most comprehnsive cover available.


We allow up to a maxium 50% discount (a discount achieved for the majority of our quotations) for the use of the following security devices:-

  • Wheelclamp - the essential piece of kit to secure your caravan.  We give up to 20% off for the use of an approved device.
  • Hitchlock - these small but effective deterrents could earn you a 10% discount off your premium.
  • Alarm - The use of an often factory-fitted alarm on your caravan will earn you another 10% discount.
  • Tracking Device - Should you have an active Tracking device and current maintenance plan, we'll slash your premium by up to another 20%.

In addition to the security discounts, to help you get to that magic 50% off we offer the following

  • No Claims Discount - If you have at least 12 months of claim-free caravanning, we will discount your premium by up to 20%.
  • Home Storage Discount - If you have the space, storing your caravan at home is conveniant, safe and can earn you a 10% discount.
  • CaSSOA Discount - Store your caravan at a CaSSOA awarded compound?  We'll take another 10% off your premium.

Insurance Guide

Whilst we're sure you will do everything you can to ensure your caravan does not get damaged, unfortunately incidents beyond your control can happen. Caravan repairs can often cost thousands of pounds, even for damage that may seem minor. Many repairs can be labour-intensive with many man hours required, resulting in a hefty invoice once complete. Insuring your caravan will give you that extra piece of mind so you know that, should the worst happen, we'll be here for you.

Here are a couple of suggestions to protect your van and choose the right insurance policy:-

  • Make sure you know exactly what your insurer is covering for you. Whilst the primary concern is always to insure the caravan itself, items like awnings, security devices, televisions, bed linen and motor movers all need to be insured as well. To keep things as simple and clear as possible for you, we insure your caravan, awning, its equipment, contents and video/audio equipment all under individual sections so you know exactly what you are covered for. Please bear in mind that the contents of your caravan could be covered under your home insurance; its well worth checking before you pay for the same cover twice!
  • Understand the differences between a ‘New for Old' policy and an ‘Indemnity' policy. Insuring New for Old means you need to make sure your caravan is insured for the cost to replace with a brand new equivalent from the manufacturer. Insuring on an Indemnity basis, or ‘Market Value' basis as it is often referred to, means you are insuring your van for its current value on the open market.
  • Using security devices on your caravan not only ensures your van is more protected, but it also often means a cheaper insurance premium. Under our own policies, the use of at least one wheel clamp is mandatory. You should ensure that your wheel clamp covers at least one of the wheel nuts and part of the surrounding tyre to offer maximum protection against would-be thieves. Using multiple wheel clamps, hitch locks, alarms and even tracking devices can mean your premium could almost halve from what it would be without such security.
  • Give great care and consideration to where you choose to store your caravan when you are not using it. If you have room, storing at your home address is easy, convenient and probably the safest way to store your van. Insurers often offer discounts if stored at home, ourselves included. Security such as security posts, security lighting, locked gates and CCTV can all affect your premium. If you don't have the space at home, there are many specialist caravan storage compounds that will accommodate you. Be sure you check whether they have suffered fires/break-ins in the past, what kind of security presence they have and whether or not they are a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA), which again can all affect the premium offered. Try to avoid storing your caravan at commercial premises or on the roadside/car park as insurers will almost always decline to offer theft cover in these instances.

Understanding the boundaries between motor and caravan insurance

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer an accident on the road whilst towing your caravan, your motor policy should cover you for third party property damage, should you be proven to be negligent. However, your motor policy will not pick up any damage to the caravan itself.

Conversely, third party liability cover under a touring caravan insurance policy will only be active when detached from a towing vehicle; once attached it is the motor insurer who picks up the responsibility.


How long will you cover my caravan New for Old?

If you have purchased your caravan from new, we will keep covering you New for Old for 5 years. After this time we will happily continue to cover your caravan for its current market value.

What should I do if I need to claim?

In the unfortunate event of you needing to claim under your policy, you should contact us a soon as possible and provide details of what has happened, when it happened and what losses/damages you wish to claim for. At this point you will be issued a claim form, and you may also be requested to supply estimate for repairs or replacements. Once you return these to us, the Underwriters will then authorise repairs and, upon receipt of the invoices, your settlement will be made. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the easiest possible experience when it comes to making a claim. The majority of claims are also dealt with in-house, so there is no waiting around.

Do you cover Television and Audio equipment?

Yes, there is a separate section under your policy under which you can specify such items, however please be aware that you may already have cover for this under your household policy. It is always worth checking as there is no point paying for the same cover twice!

Where will my caravan be insured?

When taking out the policy with us, we will ask you to provide details of the caravan's regular storage address. Your van will then be insured whilst not in use at that address. You are covered for touring the van anywhere in the UK, and Europe for up to 90 days, but take care to not leave your caravan unoccupied for any extended length of time. For example, the policy will indemnify you if you leave your van on it's pitch for a few hours to go for a drink with a friend, however if you decide to stay the night at your friend's house then your van will not be covered. Please note you must always keep your security devices activated when your caravan is detached from the towing vehicle.

Can I cancel my policy?

Your policy is a 12 month contract so there is no automatic right for cancellation. However, upon request we do allow you to cancel your policy and in many cases there would be a return premium made to you. Please note that policy fees are not refundable and the Underwriters will deduct at least the minimum premium from any return.


If your Policy Start Date is prior to 28th September 2022

If you require a copy of your Policy wording then please give us a call on 01926 468 777 or email us at enquiries@mhis.co.uk

If your Policy Start Date is from 28th September 2022 onwards

Please download a copy of your Touring Caravan Policy Wording below.  Printed copies are available upon request.

Touring Caravan Policy Wording (pdf)

Please find below a link to copies of our Terms of Business for your information. Should you require any more details that cannot be obtained from these documents, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

Terms of Business (pdf)

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